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To Mr. Barbauld, November 14, 1778 Analysis

Author: Poetry of Anna LŠtitia Barbauld Type: Poetry Views: 175

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1Come, clear thy studious looks awhile,

2'T is arrant treason now

3To wear that moping brow,

4When I, thy empress, bid thee smile.

5What though the fading year

6One wreath will not afford

7To grace the poet's hair,

8Or deck the festal board;

9A thousand pretty ways we'll find

10To mock old Winter's starving reign;

11We'll bid the violets spring again,

12Bid rich poetic roses blow,

13Peeping above his heaps of snow;

14We'll dress his withered cheeks in flowers,

15And on his smooth bald head

16Fantastic garlands bind:

17Garlands, which we will get

18From the gay blooms of that immortal year,

19Above the turning seasons set,

20Where young ideas shoot in Fancy's sunny bowers.

21A thousand pleasant arts we'll have

22To add new feathers to the wings of Time,

23And make him smoothly haste away:

24We'll use him as our slave,

25And when we please we'll bid him stay,

26And clip his wings, and make him stop to view

27Our studies, and our follies too;

28How sweet our follies are, how high our fancies climb.

29We'll little care what others do,

30And where they go, and what they say;

31Our bliss, all inward and our own,

32Would only tarnished be, by being shown.

33The talking restless world shall see,

34Spite of the world we'll happy be;

35But none shall know

36How much we're so,

37Save only Love, and we.


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This was just few lines which reflect tayods situations. Read Iqbal's Jawab-e-Shikwa and you would find many lines which express the situation the muslim ummah is in today! InshAllah I would come up with few more here x x

| Posted on 2013-11-14 | by a guest

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its sad that blogs are not the gathering place anrmoye, but fbuk is the new adda! we've to where our readers are.and yes, i'll b anything but dishonest, it was many many moons ago thanks for the visit. ab return visit to banta hi hai

| Posted on 2013-11-13 | by a guest

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Wonderful stories about inctusije and overcoming.We had a good Black History Celebration in New Westminster and read your poem. Almost felt like you were with us. Also, I was able to give the book of stories about mothers and daughters that you gave me to a participant who was reading poems. It seemed like a good fit even though I told her it was a used and much loved book.

| Posted on 2013-11-12 | by a guest

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