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The House Of Dust: Part 02: 02: The Fulfilled Dream Analysis

Author: poem of Conrad Aiken Type: poem Views: 9

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More towers must yet be built—more towers destroyed—

Great rocks hoisted in air;

And he must seek his bread in high pale sunlight

With gulls about him, and clouds just over his eyes . . .

And so he did not mention his dream of falling

But drank his coffee in silence, and heard in his ears

That horrible whistle of wind, and felt his breath

Sucked out of him, and saw the tower flash by

And the small tree swell beneath him . . .

He patted his boy on the head, and kissed his wife,

Looked quickly around the room, to remember it,—

And so went out . . .  For once, he forgot his pail.

Something had changed—but it was not the street—

The street was just the same—it was himself.

Puddles flashed in the sun.  In the pawn-shop door

The same old black cat winked green amber eyes;

The butcher stood by his window tying his apron;

The same men walked beside him, smoking pipes,

Reading the morning paper . . .

He would not yield, he thought, and walk more slowly,

As if he knew for certain he walked to death:

But with his usual pace,—deliberate, firm,

Looking about him calmly, watching the world,

Taking his ease . . .  Yet, when he thought again

Of the same dream, now dreamed three separate times,

Always the same, and heard that whistling wind,

And saw the windows flashing upward past him,—

He slowed his pace a little, and thought with horror

How monstrously that small tree thrust to meet him! . . .

He slowed his pace a little and remembered his wife.

Was forty, then, too old for work like this?

Why should it be?  He'd never been afraid—

His eye was sure, his hand was steady . . .

But dreams had meanings.

He walked more slowly, and looked along the roofs,

All built by men, and saw the pale blue sky;

And suddenly he was dizzy with looking at it,

It seemed to whirl and swim,

It seemed the color of terror, of speed, of death . . .

He lowered his eyes to the stones, he walked more slowly;

His thoughts were blown and scattered like leaves;

He thought of the pail . . . Why, then, was it forgotten?

Because he would not need it?

Then, just as he was grouping his thoughts again

About that drug-store corner, under an arc-lamp,

Where first he met the girl whom he would marry,—

That blue-eyed innocent girl, in a soft blouse,—

He waved his hand for signal, and up he went

In the dusty chute that hugged the wall;

Above the tree; from girdered floor to floor;

Above the flattening roofs, until the sea

Lay wide and waved before him . . . And then he stepped

Giddily out, from that security,

To the red rib of iron against the sky,

And walked along it, feeling it sing and tremble;

And looking down one instant, saw the tree

Just as he dreamed it was; and looked away,

And up again, feeling his blood go wild.

He gave the signal; the long girder swung

Closer to him, dropped clanging into place,

Almost pushing him off.  Pneumatic hammers

Began their madhouse clatter, the white-hot rivets

Were tossed from below and deftly caught in pails;

He signalled again, and wiped his mouth, and thought

A place so high in the air should be more quiet.

The tree, far down below, teased at his eyes,

Teased at the corners of them, until he looked,

And felt his body go suddenly small and light;

Felt his brain float off like a dwindling vapor;

And heard a whistle of wind, and saw a tree

Come plunging up to him, and thought to himself,

'By God—I'm done for now, the dream was right . . .'


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