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Knife Analysis

Author: poem of Mary Oliver Type: poem Views: 8

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just now

moved through my heart

like the thinnest of blades

as that red-tail pumped

once with its great wings

and flew above the gray, cracked

rock wall.

It wasn't

about the bird, it was

something about the way

stone stays

mute and put, whatever

goes flashing by.


when I sit like this, quiet,

all the dreams of my blood

and all outrageous divisions of time

seem ready to leave,

to slide out of me.

Then, I imagine, I would never move.

By now

the hawk has flown five miles

at least,

dazzling whoever else has happened

to look up.

I was dazzled. But that

wasn't the knife.

It was the sheer, dense wall

of blind stone

without a pinch of hope

or a single unfulfilled desire

sponging up and reflecting,

so brilliantly,

as it has for centuries,

the sun's fire.


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This poem is about a knife hitting a stone. The author describes the beauty of the knife as it glistens in the "sun's fire". But then they change the topic. The author says that it is the way the stone reacts to being hit by the knife that is the source of the beauty and wonder.

| Posted on 2008-05-16 | by a guest

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