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My Job Analysis

Author: poem of Robert Service Type: poem Views: 0

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I've got a little job on 'and, the time is drawin' nigh;

    At seven by the Captain's watch I'm due to go and do it;

I wants to 'ave it nice and neat, and pleasin' to the eye,

    And I 'opes the God of soldier men will see me safely through it.

Because, you see, it's somethin' I 'ave never done before;

    And till you 'as experience noo stunts is always tryin';

The chances is I'll never 'ave to do it any more:

    At seven by the Captain's watch my little job is . . . dyin'.

I've got a little note to write; I'd best begin it now.

    I ain't much good at writin' notes, but here goes: "Dearest Mother,

I've been in many 'ot old `do's'; I've scraped through safe some'ow,

    But now I'm on the very point of tacklin' another.

A little job of hand-grenades; they called for volunteers.

    They picked me out; I'm proud of it; it seems a trifle dicky.

If anythin' should 'appen, well, there ain't no call for tears,

    And so . . . I 'opes this finds you well. -- Your werry lovin' Micky."

I've got a little score to settle wiv them swine out there.

    I've 'ad so many of me pals done in it's quite upset me.

I've seen so much of bloody death I don't seem for to care,

    If I can only even up, how soon the blighters get me.

I'm sorry for them perishers that corpses in a bed;

    I only 'opes mine's short and sweet, no linger-longer-lyin';

I've made a mess of life, but now I'll try to make instead . . .

    It's seven sharp. Good-bye, old pals! . . . a decent job in dyin'.


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