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Apollo Musagetes Analysis

Author: Poetry of Matthew Arnold Type: Poetry Views: 305

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Through the black, rushing smoke-bursts,

Thick breaks the red flame;

All Etna heaves fiercely

Her forest-clothed frame.

Not here, O Apollo!

Are haunts meet for thee.

But, where Helicon breaks down

In cliff to the sea,

Where the moon-silver'd inlets

Send far their light voice

Up the still vale of Thisbe,

O speed, and rejoice!

On the sward at the cliff-top

Lie strewn the white flocks,

On the cliff-side the pigeons

Roost deep in the rocks.

In the moonlight the shepherds,

Soft lull'd by the rills,

Lie wrapped in their blankets

Asleep on the hills.

--What forms are these coming

So white through the gloom?

What garments out-glistening

The gold-flower'd broom?

What sweet-breathing presence

Out-perfumes the thyme?

What voices enrapture

The night's balmy prime?

'Tis Apollo comes leading

His choir, the Nine.

--The leader is fairest,

But all are divine.

They are lost in the hollows!

They stream up again!

What seeks on this mountain

The glorified train?--

They bathe on this mountain,

In the spring by their road;

Then on to Olympus,

Their endless abode.

--Whose proase do they mention?

Of what is it told?--

What will be for ever;

What was from of old.

First hymn they the Father

Of all things; and then,

The rest of immortals,

The action of men.

The day in his hotness,

The strife with the palm;

The night in her silence,

The stars in their calm.


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