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Half The People In The World Analysis

Author: poem of Yehuda Amichai Type: poem Views: 11

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Half the people in the world love the other half,

      half the people hate the other half.

Must I because of this half and that half go wandering

      and changing ceaselessly like rain in its cycle,

      must I sleep among rocks, and grow rugged like

      the trunks of olive trees,

and hear the moon barking at me,

and camouflage my love with worries,

and sprout like frightened grass between the railroad


and live underground like a mole,

and remain with roots and not with branches, and not

      feel my cheek against the cheek of angels, and

      love in the first cave, and marry my wife

      beneath a canopy of beams that support the earth,

and act out my death, always till the last breath and

      the last words  and without ever understandig,

and put flagpoles on top of my house and a bob shelter

      underneath.  And go out on rads made only for

      returning and go through all the apalling


      between the kid and the angel of death?

Half the people love,

half the people hate.

And where is my place between such well-matched halves,

      and through what crack will I see the white housing

      projects of my dreams and the bare foot runners

      on the sands or, at least, the waving of a girl's

      kerchief, beside the mound?

Translated by Chana Bloch And Stephen Mitchell

Submitted by Angelica Rodriguez


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