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On This Day I Complete My Thirty-Sixth Year Analysis

Author: poem of Lord Byron Type: poem Views: 17

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Missolonghi, Jan. 22, 1824

'Tis time this heart should be unmoved,

Since others it hath ceased to move:

Yet, though I cannot be beloved,

Still let me love!

My days are in the yellow leaf;

The flowers and fruits of love are gone;

The worm, the canker, and the grief,

Are mine alone!

The fire that on my bosom preys

Is lone as some volcanic isle;

No torch is kindled at its blaze—

A funeral pile!

The hope, the fear, the jealous care,

The exalted portion of the pain

And power of love, I cannot share,

But wear the chain.

But 'tis not thus—and 'tis not here—

Such thoughts should shake my soul, nor now,

Where glory decks the hero's bier,

Or binds his brow.

The sword, the banner, and the field,

Glory and Greece, around me see!

The Spartan, borne upon his shield,

Was not more free.

Awake! (not Greece—she is awake!)

Awake, my spirit! Think through whom

Thy life-blood tracks its parent lake,

And then strike home!

Tread those reviving passions down,

Unworthy manhood!—unto thee

Indifferent should the smile or frown

Of beauty be.

If thou regret'st thy youth, why live?

The land of honourable death

Is here:—up to the field, and give

Away thy breath!

Seek out—less often sought than found—

A soldier's grave, for thee the best;

Then look around, and choose thy ground,

And take thy rest.


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this video make me smile evey time i watch it. it is my biggest dream since i was 7 to go to play for canloira an beat duke! im 14´╗┐ 6ft tall and grabbing rim now, i play basketball every day and just hope i could might even be a walk on for canloira

| Posted on 2013-11-16 | by a guest

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Your guys notions of drieisvty are flawed you are so stuck in your paradigm of xenophobia that you lack the ability to critically analyze things The fact is human nature has proven time and again that there are no solid boundaries between ethnic groups and there are no solid ways to determine ethnicity Ivory tower brainwashing and demogaguery is the real cause of bloodshed in this world Certain priviliged groups believe because they are deemed by god (or by virtue of some supposed superiority) that they can live as they see fit and disposess others This is what causes the conflicts in our world Do you not see how self righteous you are??? I think its funny that when you talk about all the horrors of the world its always the others doing the crime its undeducated people from OTHER races who are guilty and of course giving those people a voice is unthinkable what kind of organization which arbitraily excludes various perspectives expects to get any kind of grasp on reality?reply x x

| Posted on 2013-11-14 | by a guest

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You must have never played basektball, or done anything with passion . these kids work so hard and would´╗┐ run through a brick wall for their coaches that moment is a kid coming out of a game knowing it's his last and his coach doing what any real coach would do, thank him for all he has given you and show him that he cares about him.

| Posted on 2013-11-13 | by a guest

.: :.

Thank you for visiting my blog!As you can see, I came to yours as you sgtsegued. So far, I surfed through some of your old postings and surprise, surprise, the world is nothing but the world... Problems, struggles, hopes, etc., seem to be quite similar everywhere.Keep going. Now that you intrigued me about what's going on in Greece, I am sure I'll come back!

| Posted on 2013-11-12 | by a guest

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Byron wrote this poem when he was in Greece, fighting for the independence of Greece against the Turks. There he got a high fever and maybe he knew he was almost dying when he wrote this poem. "The land of honourable death" because of this sentence i suppose he knew he was already sick and was going to dye.

| Posted on 2008-09-28 | by a guest

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