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The Albatross Analysis

Author: poem of Charles Baudelaire Type: poem Views: 21

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Often, to amuse themselves, the crew of the ship

Would fell an albatross, the largest of sea birds,

Indolent companions of their trip

As they slide across the deep sea's bitters.

Scarcely had they dropped to the plank

Than these blue kings, maladroit and ashamed

Let their great white wings sink

Like an oar dragging under the water's plane.

The winged visitor, so awkward and weak!

So recently beautiful, now comic and ugly!

One sailor grinds a pipe into his beak,

Another, limping, mimics the infirm bird that once could fly.

The poet is like the prince of the clouds

Who haunts the storm and laughs at lightning.

He's exiled to the ground and its hooting crowds;

His giant wings prevent him from walking.

Translated by William A. Sigler

Submitted by Ryan McGuire


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Charles feels out of place amoung people, he talks about the Poet. He feels different and as if he doesnt fit in, and how people patronize people who are different.

| Posted on 2012-05-05 | by a guest

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