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To The Memory Of Mr Oldham Analysis

Author: poem of John Dryden Type: poem Views: 6

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Farewell, too little and too lately known,

Whom I began to think and call my own;

For sure our souls were near allied, and thine

Cast in the same poetic mould with mine.

One common note on either lyre did strike,

And knaves and fools we both abhorred alike.

To the same goal did both our studies drive;

The last set out the soonest did arrive.

Thus Nisus fell upon the slippery place,

While his young friend performed and won the race.

O early ripe! to thy abundant store

What could advancing age have added more?

It might (what Nature never gives the young)

Have taught the numbers of thy native tongue.

But satire needs not those, and wit will shine

Through the harsh cadence of a rugged line.

A noble error, and but seldom made,

When poets are by too much force betrayed.

Thy generous fruits, though gathered ere their prime,

Still showed a quickness; and maturing time

But mellows what we write to the dull sweets of rhyme.

Once more, hail and farewell! farewell, thou young,

But ah too short, Marcellus of our tongue!

Thy brows with ivy and with laurels bound;

But fate and gloomy night encompass thee around.


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I really dont get it, but I think it is saying life is too short

| Posted on 2010-11-14 | by a guest

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John Dryden brought out the pleasures of literature to public, and he was able to reach wide audiences through his simple diction. He is a satiric poet, and often called "The Father of English Criticism." He commented publicly on matters of public concern. "To The Memory of Mr. Oldman" is a commemorative for an old friend whom we can imagine taught Dryden satire and literature.

| Posted on 2010-05-06 | by a guest

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Marcellus is an allusion to the nephew and promising heir of Caesar Augustus who died at the young age of 19.
"Brows with ivory and with laurels bound" alludes to the wreath awarded to outstanding poets that was awarded to poets during this era.

| Posted on 2009-01-12 | by a guest

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