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The Blackbirds Are Rough Today Analysis

Author: poem of Charles Bukowski Type: poem Views: 5

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lonely as a dry and used orchard

spread over the earth

for use and surrender.

shot down like an ex-pug selling

dailies on the corner.

taken by tears like

an aging chorus girl

who has gotten her last check.

a hanky is in order your lord your


the blackbirds are rough today


ingrown toenails

in an overnight


wine wine whine,

the blackbirds run around and

fly around

harping about

Spanish melodies and bones.

and everywhere is


the dream is as bad as

flapjacks and flat tires:

why do we go on

with our minds and

pockets full of


like a bad boy just out of


you tell


you who were a hero in some


you who teach children

you who drink with calmness

you who own large homes

and walk in gardens

you who have killed a man and own a

beautiful wife

you tell me

why I am on fire like old dry


we might surely have some interesting


it will keep the mailman busy.

and the butterflies and ants and bridges and


the rocket-makers and dogs and garage mechanics

will still go on a


until we run out of stamps



don't be ashamed of

anything; I guess God meant it all


locks on



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