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(End) of Summer (1966) Analysis

Author: poem of Bill Knott Type: poem Views: 7

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I'm tired of murdering children.

Once, long ago today, they wanted to live;

now I feel Vietnam the place

where rigor mortis is beginning to set-in upon me.

I force silence down the throats of mutes,

down the throats of mating-cries of animals who know they are extinct.

The chameleon's death-soliloquy is your voice's pulse;

your scorched forehead a constellation's suicide-note.

A phonograph needle plunges through long black hair,

and stone drips slowly into our veins.

The earth has been squandered by the meek.

And upsidedown in the earth a dead man walks upon my soles when I walk

A baby is crying.

In the swaddling-pages

a baby.

'Don't cry. No Solomori's-sword can

divide you from the sky.

You are one. Fly.'

I'm tired, so tired.

I have sleep to do.

I have work to dream.


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