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Françoise And The Fruit Farmer Analysis

Author: poem of James A. Emanuel Type: poem Views: 9

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In town to sell his fruit, he saw her—

Françoise in her summer slacks—

turning to him, coming back

to feel the swelling plums,

one held in each soft hand, breast-high,

above them her eyes enclosing him

in quietness brushed up to colors,

urgings green, thrustings yellow.

A vine-like touch, her promise seemed all profit,

surplus to lay aside and store,

quick harvest if he collapsed his stand,

pulled down his crates, rolled away his canvas:

full bounty if he washed his hands and followed,

trailing her fragrances

of melons in their prime, of berries bursting.

She turned to go, her scent adrift

as if from glistenings in soil turned off a spade.

His yearning had no time

to plant and cultivate

and wait for rain,

yet he was quick to catch a peach about to fall—

that brightness of his wrist

costing the moment that concealed her in the crowd;

and yet a perfect peach lay in his hand,

his only means to feel the way good seasons end.

A lucky day, he thought,

begins with plums.


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