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My Feud Analysis

Author: poem of Robert Service Type: poem Views: 1

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I hate my neighbour Widow Green;

     I'd like to claw her face;

But if I did she'd make a scene

     And run me round the place:

For widows are in way of spleen

     A most pugnacious race.

And yet I must do something quick

     To keep the hag in line,

Since her red rooster chose to pick

     Five lettuce heads of mine:

And so I fed it arsenic

     Which it did not decline.

It disappeared, but on my mat

     Before a week had sped

I found Mi-mi, my tabby cat

     And it was stoney dead;

I diagnosed with weeping that

     On strychnine it had fed.

And so I bought a hamburg steak,

     Primed it with powdered glass,

And left it for her dog to take

     With gulping from the grass:

Since then, although I lie awake

     I have not seen it pass.

Well, that's the scoring up to date:

     And as I read a text

From Job to justify my hate

     I wonder who'll be next?

Somehow I feel that one must die,

     Ma Green or I.


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