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To Be In Love Analysis

Author: poem of Gwendolyn Brooks Type: poem Views: 59

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To be in love

Is to touch with a lighter hand.

In yourself you stretch, you are well.

You look at things

Through his eyes.

A cardinal is red.

A sky is blue.

Suddenly you know he knows too.

He is not there but

You know you are tasting together

The winter, or a light spring weather.

His hand to take your hand is overmuch.

Too much to bear.

You cannot look in his eyes

Because your pulse must not say

What must not be said.

When he

Shuts a door-

Is not there_

Your arms are water.

And you are free

With a ghastly freedom.

You are the beautiful half

Of a golden hurt.

You remember and covet his mouth

To touch, to whisper on.

Oh when to declare

Is certain Death!

Oh when to apprize

Is to mesmerize,

To see fall down, the Column of Gold,

Into the commonest ash.

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The meaning of this poem is that love is a great and difficult thing to face. In the beginning, Gwendolyn describes how it feels to be in love with a person. She feels everything he feels, sees everything he sees and feels dazed when around him. But suddenly they break up and she is gravely hurt. It feels like a dagger through the heart and even though she tries to forget and erase all of her feelings she ever felt, they still come back to haunt her. Even though there are emotions pouring inside of her, she cannot except that she misses her love because to do so is, a certain Death!

| Posted on 2009-02-19 | by a guest

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