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Meeting And Passing Analysis

Author: poem of Robert Frost Type: poem Views: 82

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As I went down the hill along the wall

There was a gate I had leaned at for the view

And had just turned from when I first saw you

As you came up the hill. We met. But all

We did that day was mingle great and small

Footprints in summer dust as if we drew

The figure of our being less that two

But more than one as yet. Your parasol

Pointed the decimal off with one deep thrust.

And all the time we talked you seemed to see

Something down there to smile at in the dust.

(Oh, it was without prejudice to me!)

Afterward I went past what you had passed

Before we met and you what I had passed.


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In this poem Frost is talking about the transient nature of human relationships. Here a man and woman meets on a road and are mutually attracted. "...our being less than two but more than one as yet.." shows that even though they talked that day there was no mingling of their identities. so even though they were not completely separate due to the liking factor, they were not in a relationship yet and therefore not one. the word decimal used here indicate their separateness.even though they both liked each other,they just moved on with their walk to opposite directions. the last line indicates that even though their sights are same their experience is different.even though the man sees what the woman had passed earlier and vice versa the way both conceive what they see is different.Frost is maintaining their separateness.
the poem is a petrarchan sonnet and the line structure is enjambment and caesura . here caesura should be given more attention.

| Posted on 2014-10-05 | by a guest

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I like the post from 12-17-10, suggesting that they each need to be more aware of the other\'s experienced before parting. I thought that use of the word \"decimal,\" and not a comma, was more indicative of the financial situation of each of the participants. If that is true, does it mean that they are intended for each other, aware of it, and that her financial status will lift his up? This idea is different than what I have seen others posting online, and I am curious what people think. Thanks!

| Posted on 2013-05-19 | by a guest

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I\'m not looking for a summary. I\'m looking for the theme of the sonnet. What is it?

| Posted on 2012-02-01 | by a guest

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3. A man is looking down a hill, sees a girl approaching, and after she comes up the hill, they go for a walk, with her smiling as she looks at the ground. The phrase ďas if we drew the figure of our being less than two but more than one as yet.Ē means theyíre in a relationship, but it hasnít gotten to anything as serious as marriage yet. (There arenít quite two of them, but they arenít one yet either.) Then they each go the way the other had come, which might be hinting at the fact that they wonít be going anywhere serious in the relationship.

| Posted on 2012-01-19 | by a guest

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It is not about a day but about a relationship. They came to each other from different directions, different experiences. They each wanted something different from the relationship and she saw that it wasn\'t going to work and ended it. The thrust of the parasol defined the differences between them. Afterward, she had to learn the life lessons he had already experienced and he had to experience hers.

| Posted on 2010-12-17 | by a guest

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This poem is more about meeting someone for the first time. The writer seems to have an attraction to someone he sees at a distance, and as they come closer, they exchange a few words. And it appears that the writer has said something to make the woman laugh, shyley looking down at the ground. It seems after their brief run in, though they have both enjoyed eachothers company, they go there seperate ways. This poem could be taken to have either a hint of a dissapointing ending, seeing how the speaker has not ended up with the woman. Or this poem could be seen as having a more happy ending, showing some content in the idea that though they go their own ways, they have not forgotten eachother, as they walk past what each has walked.

| Posted on 2009-11-04 | by a guest

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the poem is about a guy meeting a girl for the first time, whether the first time that day or ever. they meet and hang out all day, mingling, and at the end of the day, he wants more out of the relationship (i.e. marriage or something of that nature) and she thinks he moves too fast, so she breaks it off and they go their separate ways. there is a lot of ambiguity in this poem, so in those parts, you just have to figure out what works best for you.

| Posted on 2009-10-08 | by a guest

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