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Mission Statement Analysis

Author: poem of Terence Winch Type: poem Views: 5

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When I die I promise to haunt

all my surviving enemies,

may they be few if any at that point,

because I hope to outlive them all.

But if any of them are left

I'll keep them awake at night with weird noises.

I'll whisper words in their ears while they sleep

to encourage feelings of low self-esteem when they awake.

Actually, I'll never let them sleep.

I'll kick them out of bed

just as they're falling

into deep slumber.

Or maybe I'll just let them be.

Enemies are such a responsibility,

and eat up so much time.

Perhaps I'll just travel,

which I didn't really enjoy

much while alive. I'll travel,

eat fish, listen to rap music

and bluegrass, read a lot

of trade association magazines,

have numerous root canals,

and settle down somewhere in Ohio.


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