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Venetian Morning Analysis

Author: poem of Rainer Maria Rilke Type: poem Views: 13

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Windows pampered like princes always see

what on occasion deigns to trouble us:

the city that, time and again, where a shimmer

of sky strikes a feeling of floodtide,

takes shape without once choosing to be.

Each new morning must first show her the opals

she wore yesterday, and pull rows

of reflections out of the canal

and remind her of the other times:

only then does she concede and settle in

like a nymph who received great Zeus.

The dangling earrings ring out at her ear;

but she lifts San Giorgio Maggiore

and smiles idly into that lovely thing.

Translated by Edward Snow


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.: :.

i feel the poem is stating a sullen setting where there have been memories but then came to a sudden end.

| Posted on 2010-08-19 | by a guest

.: :.

time and again however will we know that lanscape of love. and the little churhc yeards with lamenint names. and the frightyfully silent rivin wherin all the others end.
time and again we go out two together under the old trees, lay down again and again, between the flowers, face to face with the sky.

| Posted on 2009-04-27 | by a guest

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