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Rhyme-Smith Analysis

Author: poem of Robert Service Type: poem Views: 4

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Oh, I was born a lyric babe

(That last word is a bore -

It's only rhyme is astrolabe,"

Whose meaning I ignore.)

From cradlehood I lisped in numbers,

Made jingles even in my slumbers.

Said Ma: "He'll be a bard, I know it."

Said Pa: "let's hoe he will outgrow it."

Alas! I never did and so

A dreamer and a drone was I,

Who persevered in want and woe

His misery to versify.

Yea, I was doomed to be a failure

(Old Browning rhymes that last with "pale lure"):

And even starving in the gutter,

My macaronics I would utter.

Then in a poor, cheap book I crammed,

And to the public maw I tossed

My bitter Dirges of the Damned,

My Lyrics of the Lost.

"Let carping critic flay and flout

My Ditties of the Down and Out -

"There now," said I, "I've done with verse,

My love, my weakness and my curse."

Then lo! (As I would fain believe,

Before they crown, the fates would shame us)

I went to sleep one bitter eve,

And woke to find that I was famous. . . .

And so the sunny sequels were a

Gay villa on the Riviera,

A bank account, a limousine, a

Life patterned dolce e divina.

Oh, yes, my lyric flight is flighty;

My muse is much more mite than mighty:

But poetry has been my friend,

And rhyming's saved me in the end


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