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Manners Analysis

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                For a Child of 1918

My grandfather said to me

as we sat on the wagon seat,

"Be sure to remember to always

speak to everyone you meet."

We met a stranger on foot.

My grandfather's whip tapped his hat.

"Good day, sir. Good day. A fine day."

And I said it and bowed where I sat.

Then we overtook a boy we knew

with his big pet crow on his shoulder.

"Always offer everyone a ride;

don't forget that when you get older,"

my grandfather said. So Willy

climbed up with us, but the crow

gave a "Caw!" and flew off. I was worried.

How would he know where to go?

But he flew a little way at a time

from fence post to fence post, ahead;

and when Willy whistled he answered.

"A fine bird," my grandfather said,

"and he's well brought up. See, he answers

nicely when he's spoken to.

Man or beast, that's good manners.

Be sure that you both always do."

When automobiles went by,

the dust hid the people's faces,

but we shouted "Good day! Good day!

Fine day!" at the top of our voices.

When we came to Hustler Hill,

he said that the mare was tired,

so we all got down and walked,

as our good manners required.


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This poem in my opinion is about a Grandfather teaching his boy manners during the year 1918. While teaching him they encounter problems such as the boy becoming scared and the crow flying away.

| Posted on 2011-03-05 | by a guest

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This peom is about the new changing society in which the old grandfather is left behind in his \"wagon seat\'
the poem talks of the crow flying away and the boy getting scared, Everyone is unsure of the future and wht it holds. The slow grandpa passes a new \"loud\" vehicle from the future on his way to \"Hustler Hill\" When obviously the old man is in no hurry!!!
The child sees how the old man is set in his old ways.

| Posted on 2011-02-01 | by a guest

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The poem "Manners" by Elizabeth Bishop is a profound and insightful depiction of the system of etiquette followed in this era of history, more specifically American history. It contrasts the relationship between the granddaughter and the grandfather and compares it to oldfashion and modernity .

| Posted on 2009-07-11 | by a guest

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