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Bond And Free Analysis

Author: poem of Robert Frost Type: poem Views: 27

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Love has earth to which she clings

With hills and circling arms about--

Wall within wall to shut fear out.

But Thought has need of no such things,

For Thought has a pair of dauntless wings.

On snow and sand and turn, I see

Where Love has left a printed trace

With straining in the world's embrace.

And such is Love and glad to be

But Thought has shaken his ankles free.

Thought cleaves the interstellar gloom

And sits in Sirius' disc all night,

Till day makes him retrace his flight

With smell of burning on every plume,

Back past the sun to an earthly room.

His gains in heaven are what they are.

Yet some say Love by being thrall

And simply staying possesses all

In several beauty that Thought fares far

To find fused in another star.


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This poem shows the relationship of Love and Thought. In the beginning off the poem, the speaker favors Thought, saying that thought is not in need of such things, like protection. Thought is free to travel as it pleases. As the poem progresses, the speaker starts to see that, while thought must travel around the universe to find joy and happiness, Love has everything it needs on Earth.

| Posted on 2011-04-08 | by a guest

.: :.

this poem is good with its personification with noticing that it is good in detail with its summary of being free with earth. "Wall within wall will shut fear out" this saying in the poem impresses me with the meaning of fear is what it is then fear itself.

| Posted on 2009-01-25 | by a guest

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