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The Other World Analysis

Author: poem of Robert Wrigley Type: poem Views: 13

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So here is the old buck

       who all winter long

had traveled with the does

       and yearlings, with the fawns

just past their spots,

       and who had hung back,

walking where the others had walked,

       eating what they had left,

and who had struck now and then

       a pose against the wind,

against a twig-snap or the way

       the light came slinking

among the trees.

Here is the mangled ear

       and the twisted, hindering leg.

Here, already bearing him away

       among the last drifts of snow

and the nightly hard freezes,

       is a line of tiny ants,

making its way from the cave

       of the right eye, over the steep

occipital ridge, across the moonscape, shed-horn

       medallion and through the valley

of the ear's cloven shadow

       to the ground,

where among the staves

       of shed needles and the red earthy wine

they carry him

       bit by gnawn bit

into another world.


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