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Plebeian Plutocrat Analysis

Author: poem of Robert Service Type: poem Views: 0

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I own a gorgeous Cadillac,

     A chauffeur garbed in blue;

And as I sit behind his back

     His beefy neck I view.

Yet let me whisper, though you may

     Think me a queer old cuss,

From Claude I often sneak away

               To board a bus.

A democrat, I love the crowd,

     The bustle and the din;

The market wives who gab aloud

     As they go out and in.

I chuckle as I pay my dime,

     With mien meticulous:

You can't believe how happy I'm;

               Aboard a bus.

The driver of my Cadillac

     Has such a haughty sneer;

I'm sure he would give me the sack

     If he beheld me here.

His horror all my friends would share

     Could they but see me thus:

A gleeful multi-millionaire

               Aboard a bus.


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I always wedonred when it would become apparent that the unions would become pointless by there own political mind sets , here we are they have funded they have funded the labour party all these years and what do we get , champagne socialists in both camps whilest they have ruined a country and caused social breakdown .So much for socialism then , you end up busted , drug and alcohol problems , broken education , fraudelent government and mps . fraudulent institutions , it clearly is one big ponzi scheme and a corruption .Goodness knows what comes next , they should go , and the unions should give there political money to set up a health care charity or somthing , because they are clearly wasting there members usb throwing it at socialist goverment .i really dont know where it will end , i hear one mp has had her car done whilst canvassing in a deprived area of her constituancey , labour just do not understand the public resentment now towards them for what they have done , and unless they allow general election soon , this country will turn against parliment and the unions in such a way as we have never seen .

| Posted on 2013-11-15 | by a guest

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How right you are Theo!Christian Socialist is the oxymoron whose gaenrel acceptance has made possible the 'left's' impregnable position atop the moral high ground over the last century and a half.But socialism is a materialistic business: taking from those who have things and giving them to those who haven't them. Its whole ethos rests upon the belief that the having of things is fundamental to human happiness and it is right to make yourself happy by taking them from others if you haven't got them.This is so utterly opposed to the Christian Gospel that I am unable to understand why the two have been conflated to the point that many people now believe socialism is virtually synonymous with it.That must be why people are surprised to hear Trades Union leaders are greedy, self-serving and thuggish. How else would they behave?Anyone who claims to be a socialist and a Christian is either deluded or a liar. That is the truth we would do well to learn.And I don't want to get into it here, but I ought to say that 'capitalism' is not the opposite of socialism, but a disparaging word invented by leftists (and adopted wholesale) to denigrate a perfectly good and normal human desire - namely to better oneself and ones family through work. It becomes wicked when it involves greed, fraud, cruelty or any other form of viciousness, which the law ought to punish and society ought to anathematise. But as with all other efforts to promote virtuous behaviour, socialists have to distort goodness into badness, because their creed is founded in error and lives on deceit.

| Posted on 2013-11-13 | by a guest

.: :.

I don't think he's far back at all. The dims wouldn't be going all out the way they are if they were wininng. They wouldn't be in their safe states if they were wininng. They are literally showing what b*stards they are to the public. They are worried. The Lame Stream Media is carrying obama's water big time but even they cannot cover up the blatant incompetency of this guy. I feel that any thinking citizen will not be taken in by this barage of misinformation. Then again, there are a lot of non thinking citizens (and non citizens who will vote too). It floors me to think someone would vote for something this important because one of the candidates gave them a free phone or a share of $1.5 billion on the theory hispanics and women were unjustly denied farming rights.

| Posted on 2013-11-12 | by a guest

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