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Youth And Age Analysis

Author: poem of Samuel Taylor Coleridge Type: poem Views: 82

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Verse, a breeze 'mid blossoms straying,

Where Hope clung feeding, like a bee—

Both were mine! Life went a-maying

With Nature, Hope, and Poesy,

When I was young!

When I was young?—Ah, woeful When!

Ah! for the change 'twixt Now and Then!

This breathing house not built with hands,

This body that does me grievous wrong,

O'er aery cliffs and glittering sands

How lightly then it flashed along,

Like those trim skiffs, unknown of yore,

On winding lakes and rivers wide,

That ask no aid of sail or oar,

That fear no spite of wind or tide!

Nought cared this body for wind or weather

When Youth and I lived in't together.

Flowers are lovely; Love is flower-like;

Friendship is a sheltering tree;

O the joys! that came down shower-like,

Of Friendship, Love, and Liberty,

Ere I was old!

Ere I was old? Ah woeful Ere,

Which tells me, Youth's no longer here!

O Youth! for years so many and sweet

'Tis known that Thou and I were one,

I'll think it but a fond conceit—

It cannot be that Thou art gone!

Thy vesper-bell hath not yet tolled—

And thou wert aye a masker bold!

What strange disguise hast now put on,

To make believe that thou art gone?

I see these locks in silvery slips,

This drooping gait, this altered size:

But Springtide blossoms on thy lips,

And tears take sunshine from thine eyes:

Life is but Thought: so think I will

That Youth and I are housemates still.

Dew-drops are the gems of morning,

But the tears of mournful eve!

Where no hope is, life's a warning

That only serves to make us grieve

When we are old:

That only serves to make us grieve

With oft and tedious taking-leave,

Like some poor nigh-related guest

That may not rudely be dismist;

Yet hath out-stayed his welcome while,

And tells the jest without the smile.


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| Posted on 2017-06-13 | by a guest

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This poem is written as three very specific stanzas. The first stanza talks about youth and how it is full of hope. The second stanza is about how friendship shelters us and we need love. However, he knows now that he is getting old because hope is no longer the most important thing, but he still feels as if he is youthful. The third stanza is about how he feels death is near and is grieving.

| Posted on 2017-02-13 | by a guest

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How did the poet S.T Coleridge compare and contrast the 6 and 7 lines in the poem youth and age?

| Posted on 2012-10-08 | by a guest

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Coleridge describes his feelings of regret for those days when everything was so cheerful to him.He was then young and look at life with hope and happiness.As a sensitive young man he felt the charm of natural objects and could look forward to the future days with the zest of youth.But youth had gone instead old age had become his companion.This makes him go back to the memories of his younger days.He was not so weak.Nature and its objects invited him with an attraction.Life was a pleasure to him.Within these pleasureable surroundings called youth,he met love,liberty and friendship.
FLOWERS are lovely ; LOVE is flower-like ;
FRIENDSHIP is a sheltering tree ;
O ! the Joys, that came down shower-like,
Ere I was old !

| Posted on 2010-04-30 | by a guest

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somw of the metaphors in the poem are "friendship is like a flower

| Posted on 2010-01-05 | by a guest

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