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The Rhyme of the Remittance Man Analysis

Author: Poetry of Robert W. Service Type: Poetry Views: 182

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There's a four-pronged buck a-swinging in the shadow of my cabin,

And it roamed the velvet valley till to-day;

But I tracked it by the river, and I trailed it in the cover,

And I killed it on the mountain miles away.

Now I've had my lazy supper, and the level sun is gleaming

On the water where the silver salmon play;

And I light my little corn-cob, and I linger, softly dreaming,

In the twilight, of a land that's far away.

Far away, so faint and far, is flaming London, fevered Paris,

That I fancy I have gained another star;

Far away the din and hurry, far away the sin and worry,

Far away -- God knows they cannot be too far.

Gilded galley-slaves of Mammon -- how my purse-proud brothers taunt me!

I might have been as well-to-do as they

Had I clutched like them my chances, learned their wisdom, crushed my fancies,

Starved my soul and gone to business every day.

Well, the cherry bends with blossom and the vivid grass is springing,

And the star-like lily nestles in the green;

And the frogs their joys are singing, and my heart in tune is ringing,

And it doesn't matter what I might have been.

While above the scented pine-gloom, piling heights of golden glory,

The sun-god paints his canvas in the west,

I can couch me deep in clover, I can listen to the story

Of the lazy, lapping water -- it is best.

While the trout leaps in the river, and the blue grouse thrills the cover,

And the frozen snow betrays the panther's track,

And the robin greets the dayspring with the rapture of a lover,

I am happy, and I'll nevermore go back.

For I know I'd just be longing for the little old log cabin,

With the morning-glory clinging to the door,

Till I loathed the city places, cursed the care on all the faces,

Turned my back on lazar London evermore.

So send me far from Lombard Street, and write me down a failure;

Put a little in my purse and leave me free.

Say: "He turned from Fortune's offering to follow up a pale lure,

He is one of us no longer -- let him be."

I am one of you no longer; by the trails my feet have broken,

The dizzy peaks I've scaled, the camp-fire's glow;

By the lonely seas I've sailed in -- yea, the final word is spoken,

I am signed and sealed to nature. Be it so.


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