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Faust In Old Age Analysis

Author: poem of Delmore Schwartz Type: poem Views: 2

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"Poet and veteran of childhood, look!

See in me the obscene, for you have love,

For you have hatred, you, you must be judge,

Deliver judgement, Delmore Schwartz.

Well-known wishes have been to war,

The vicious mouth has chewed the vine.

The patient crab beneath the shirt

Has charmed such interests as Indies meant.

For I have walked within and seen each sea,

The fish that flies, the broken burning bird,

Born again, beginning again, my breast!

Purple with persons like a tragic play.

For I have flown the cloud and fallen down,

Plucked Venus, sneering at her moan.

I took the train that takes away remorse;

I cast down every king like Socrates.

I knocked each nut to find the meat;

A worm was there and not a mint.

Metaphysicians could have told me this,

But each learns for himself, as in the kiss.

Polonius I poked, not him

To whom aspires spire and hymn,

Who succors children and the very poor;

I pierced the pompous Premier, not Jesus Christ,

I picked Polonius and Moby Dick,

the ego bloomed into an octopus.

Now come I to the exhausted West at last;

I know my vanity, my nothingness,

now I float will-less in despair's dead sea,

Every man my enemy.

Spontaneous, I have too much to say,

And what I say will no one not old see:

If we could love one another, it would be well.

But as it is, I am sorry for the whole world, myself

apart. My heart is full of memory and desire, and in

its last nervousness, there is pity for those I have

touched, but only hatred and contempt for myself."


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