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All The Things You Are Not Yet Analysis

Author: poem of Helen Dunmore Type: poem Views: 49

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for tess

Tonight there's a crowd in my head:

all the things you are not yet.

You are words without paper, pages

sighing in summer forests, gardens

where builders stub out their rubble

and plastic oozes its sweat.

All the things you are, you are not yet.

Not yet the lonely window in midwinter

with the whine of tea on an empty stomach,

not yet the heating you can't afford and must wait for,

tamping a coin in on each hour.

Not the gorgeous shush of restaurant doors

and their interiors, always so much smaller.

Not the smell of the newsprint, the blur

on your fingertips — your fame.  Not yet

the love you will have for Winter Pearmains

and Chanel No 5 — and then your being unable

to buy both washing-machine and computer

when your baby's due to be born,

and my voice saying, "I'll get you one"

and you frowning, frowning

at walls and surfaces which are not mine —

all this, not yet.  Give me your hand,

that small one without a mark of work on it,

the one that's strange to the washing-up bowl

and doesn't know Fairy Liquid for whiskey.

Not yet the moment of your arrival in taxis

at daring destinations, or your being alone at stations

with the skirts of your fashionable clothes flapping

and no money for the telephone.

Not yet the moment when I can give you nothing

so well-folded it fits in an envelope —

a dull letter you won't reread.

Not yet the moment of your assimilation

in that river flowing westward: rivers of clothes,

of dreams, an accent unlike my own

saying to someone I don't know: darling...

Submitted by Anne Williams


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I had a desire to begin my business, but I did not have enough amount of cash to do that. Thank God my close colleague told to take the personal loans. Therefore I took the car loan and made real my dream.

| Posted on 2012-08-21 | by a guest

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demonstrated in the lines “the love you will have for Winter Pear mains and Chanel No 5”. Winter Pear mains is a type of apple, however it is an apple of fine quality, and is the very best, expensive type of apple, compared to perhaps a cox’s apple, showing that the daughter will want to have her pick of the best. Chanel No.5 is a beautiful, and luxurious perfume, worn most famously by Marilyn Monroe, and cost a most expensive £65 per bottle. This reiterates the fact that the daughter wants the best of everything, as well as bringing in the new aspect that perhaps she feels she was not made for a life of struggle and hardship, but considers herself at heart to be deserving, like Marilyn Monroe, to such luxuries.

| Posted on 2012-06-11 | by a guest

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This poem which can be linked to Prayee before birth due to their success at portraying greatly the view of an unborn child. it echoes the reality and emotions which a mother goes through her mind in the first second of coming into conact with their chil. the life of the child is traced and followed using descriptive language enabling the reader to empthise with the poet. This is by Foyin Amoye

| Posted on 2008-05-19 | by a guest

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