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Dark Night Analysis

Author: poem of Frank Bidart Type: poem Views: 11

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In a dark night, when the light

    burning was the burning of love (fortuitous

    night, fated, free,--)

    as I stole from my dark house, dark

    house that was silent, grave, sleeping,--


by the staircase that was secret, hidden,

    safe: disguised by darkness (fortuitous

    night, fated, free,--)

    by darkness and by cunning, dark

    house that was silent, grave, sleeping--;


in that sweet night, secret, seen by

    no one and seeing

    nothing, my only light or


    the burning in my burning heart,


night was the guide

    to the place where he for whom I

    waited, whom I had long ago chosen,

    waits: night

    brighter than noon, in which none can see--;


night was the guide

    sweeter than the sun raw at

    dawn, for there the burning bridegroom is


    and he who chose at last is chosen.



As he lay sleeping on my sleepless

    breast, kept from the beginning for him

    alone, lying on the gift I gave

    as the restless

    fragrant cedars moved the restless winds,--


winds from the circling parapet circling

    us as I lay there touching and lifting his hair,--

    with his sovereign hand, he

    wounded my neck-

    and my senses, when they touched that, touched nothing...


In a dark night      (there where I

    lost myself,--)
as I leaned to rest

      in his smooth white breast, everything


      and left me, forgotten in the grave of forgotten lilies.



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