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October 12 Analysis

Author: poem of David Lehman Type: poem Views: 4

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My bag was missing at the airport

"Just one bag?" "Yes, but it meant a lot to me"

I had seen the bartender before, but where?

"You didn't tell me you had been to Oxford"

"Yes, I was at Magdalen College for two years"

"What did you do there?" "Drugs."

"Did you know that in Hindi the same word

(kal, pronounced 'kull') means both

yesterday and tomorrow?" "You don't say.

What'll you have?" "Bombay Martini straight up,

with olives, very dry and very cold." "I like

a man who knows what he wants" "Well, I'll

tell you. She was a handsome, self-assured woman,

a practicing physician, 48, bright, in great shape,

played tennis every Friday night,

didn't drink, smoke, or take drugs,

and was looking for a Romeo with brains.

So naturally I didn't phone her"


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FED is going to create the spcaelutive bubble in the economy and financial market by using too low interest rate and this bubble will be like subprime crisis. We will have bubble that is from wrong resource allocation from too low interest rate and we also will have the crisis that will cause the shock on economy and labor market.I think it is very wrong policy is the main reason for the higher unemployment rate and higher cost of living currently. FED support speculators on Wall Street, mainly financial institution, to push up asset price and inflation too high and then FED have very slow reaction on the speculation; therefore, we have big bubble and speculation and big crash and crisis.This policy still goes on by Bernanke and it will cause the bigger crash and crisis but we have the same result that is the higher unemployment. Now FED lie everyone about inflation trend and the effect of monetary policy on the welfare (lower cost of living (low inflation) and lower unemployment). The inflation is currently low due to the base effect that oil price was too high last year but the current inflation trend is too high. The monthly inflation show the growth at 6% , ISM price paid show the jump in core inflation, and if we pass this October, the inflation will go to around 3-6% in the next six months (oil price is at this level) and core inflation will move up to 2-4%. Therefore, we are going to have higher inflation than the past cycle and inflation will move up more quickly than the past cycle.Another FED’s lie is the monetary policy can improve the unemployment rate. Greenspan and Bernanke used too low interest rate after Tech bubble and create short term spcaelutive economy with high property and asset prices, higher consumption but we have no real economy, no real employment and our businesses have no competitiveness. Frankly, GDP can grow but we have the worst employment in the every cycle because when we use too low interest rate, it will push up price higher and more quickly. Business can have more profit from higher margin and they have no need for new investment because there is no real demand increase. I call the Monopoly support by FED. Then, when speculators get too cheap funds from FED, they put into asset speculation, surely, it makes people believe that we had the good economy because stock prices went up, real estate price went up. But we were just in the spcaelutive economy that FED created.All FED policy that keep interest rate too low and unrealistic and the more FED try to push economy to Monopoly and Speculative economy, the more severe effect of crisis and crash will occur and surely we all know that this policy create more volatile economy and less people going to real investment that need long term return rather than short term return in financial markets. It is going to create the less real economy and the less real employment.I think, after this October, inflation will go up uncontrollably to 6% in six months and we will have big bubble and big crash by itself and surely, unemployment rate will move up more than anyone expects. So, FED should stop the speculation and stop lying on their policy and economic and inflation forecast.I think before regulating the bank, we should have the law to regulate FED and government to use monetary and fiscal policies for long term and sustaining growth rather than for speculators like this. x x

| Posted on 2013-11-14 | by a guest

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Truly these are tough times across the board for all bnsuiesses. I spent 4 years in investment banking prior to moving into SPM at a high tech, then Callidus for nearly 6 years and now Xactly for 3. I have two comments. Investment banking is highly regulated. I couldn't sneeze without some officer asking me if I had pre-authorization for that action. The funny thing is that when Mr. Greenspan, and I am a fan of his, deregulated banking he did not line up the compliance process with that change. Bankers are in this game to make money. SPM software is about motivating behavior to drive business initiatives. Like any sales rep, when you find a way to jog' the system and make more money most people will use that advantage. I guess its time, actually past time, to review the rules of the banking game? On a high note, SPM initiatives, especially those that are SaaS based, are in a keen position to help companies navigate these times by identifying where a business can cut costs, drive margin, add market share, align their sales resources, and all of it is done at a low cost of entry. We should all get that message out.

| Posted on 2013-11-12 | by a guest

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