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Argument Analysis

Author: poem of Elizabeth Bishop Type: poem Views: 9

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Days that cannot bring you near

or will not,

Distance trying to appear

something more obstinate,

argue argue argue with me


neither proving you less wanted nor less dear.

Distance: Remember all that land

beneath the plane;

that coastline

of dim beaches deep in sand

stretching indistinguishably

all the way,

all the way to where my reasons end?

Days: And think

of all those cluttered instruments,

one to a fact,

canceling each other's experience;

how they were

like some hideous calendar

"Compliments of Never & Forever, Inc."

The intimidating sound

of these voices

we must separately find

can and shall be vanquished:

Days and Distance disarrayed again

and gone

both for good and from the gentle battleground.


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'Argument'is Bishop's worst poem by far. The whole thing is centered around the fight of feminism. For example, the "coastline" in line 10 refers to how many reasons they is for the feminist fight.
All in all, I am not a big fan of Bishop's works! Most of them are purly feministicly centered.

| Posted on 2010-03-21 | by a guest

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