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you shall above all things... (22) Analysis

Author: poem of e.e. cummings Type: poem Views: 23

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you shall above all things be glad and young

For if you're young,whatever life you wear


it will become you;and if you are glad

whatever's living will yourself become.

Girlboys may nothing more than boygirls need:

i can entirely her only love


whose any mystery makes every man's

flesh put space on;and his mind take off time


that you should ever think,may god forbid

and (in his mercy) your true lover spare:

for that way knowledge lies,the foetal grave

called progress,and negation's dead undoom.


I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing

than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance


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Monique, I wish I did have some good suggestions for you. It sonuds like you have already done much more than I would even know where to start. I can only imagine how difficult a task it could be.Along the same lines, I wonder if there could be stats somewhere on kids who just went missing after partying..and if the numbers have increased there? I do understand numbers alone do not mean much-but it does seem like if it was one more piece in the puzzle that fit, it could lend even more credibility to either the sfk theory, or at least that something very strange is occurring that needs to be addressed.It bothers me, because I grew up on a body of water that is generally open year round. We frequently had parties on the beach,or along the banks of the rivers that feed it, after bar closing or before we were of legal age to drink. There was also plenty of drug use.Yet, never once did I ever hear of anyone-even from neighboring towns or states-ever entering the lake,rivers or creeks, and drowning after a party, accidentally or otherwise.Nearly every other scenario occurred-fights, shootings (no one shot luckily), car accidents with kids killed, drunken suicides, disoriented people passing out in the woods and nearly dying of hypothermia, etc. But not once, in all those years, did anyone ever go in the lake, creeks, or rivers-even in a drunken or drugged stupor-much less end up dead there. Then, in the early 2000s, within my local news range, there are three who go missing within months of each other and each turns up in the water. Then I start hearing the same story over and over and over. It just does not make sense. x x

| Posted on 2014-03-07 | by a guest

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Paul, you have stumbled into a mieinefld of issues which need to be resolved. First, I agree that paper publishing as we know it is dying, but I have to admit that I would rather read an article on paper than on a screen. I expect that to change when my iPad 3G finally arrives this week. I think that presentation is almost as important as content in making me want to consume media.I have vinyl albums and CDs of the same song by the same artist. I have Best Of compilations that includes duplicate tracks. But if I d/l an mp3 from Soulseek or a friend's thumbdrive, I am literally a criminal in the eyes of the RIAA even though I own three copies of the song. I listen to gobs of Audible books. I just went out and purchased the hardcover of Switch just so I could review the material. I paid $9.95 for the Audible and $26 for the book at a local B&N. It wasn't the money as much as the principle that pissed me off. What if it had been the Kindle version? I would have the reference, but I probably would not have finished the book since I cannot sit down for 8-10 hours with a book. If I had found the book on the train and read it, that would be completely legal. If I then gave it to a friend and he read it, same thing. If I was the 30th person to check it out of the library and read it, same thing. But if I put the Audible file on a co-worker's iPod, I am stealing. Makes sense doesn't it?I think we are at the point that we need to purchase a media-agnostic license for a publication or work. That way, I can consume it however I desire, whenever I desire. We could even have it set so that while I am reading' a book, no one else with that license can read' it, but when I am done, others could avail themselves of the license. I mean, seriously, would ANYONE go out and actually purchase that VB book you wrote so many years ago? So what is the loss by allowing Fair Use DRM. (Wow, that is an over-used meaningless term isn't it??? Fair Use?)Anyhow, with dynamic digital media, the old rules just do not apply. I like your idea about updating content. I bought a 500 page tome on Hyper-V about a month before R2 was RTM'd. As I now read the book, I think to myself I wonder if they changed that in R2? I guaran-damn-tee you that I am not going to buy the same book in an R2 edition again. Nope, wouldn't be prudent .Fight the good fight!Randy

| Posted on 2014-03-04 | by a guest

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Hi there I have tried clicking on the October Mailbox' link to smibut my poetry entry and it doesn't seem to work .do you have another link I could use to be able to smibut?Thanks. x x

| Posted on 2014-03-04 | by a guest

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I was so confused about what to buy, but this makes it unraestendabld.

| Posted on 2014-03-03 | by a guest

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thank you kindly Ivy, and if I have fetogtron to say it, it is an honor to be doing your rings! the sizers are on their way! .oh yeah saw the purple poppies at Arcana, and had to have em! believe me, with my tiny condo garden I have NO room but, could anyone resist this color!

| Posted on 2014-03-03 | by a guest

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