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Ballplayer Analysis

Author: poem of Evie Shockley Type: poem Views: 7

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i cop a squat on a squared-off log,

to watch you ball on the community center court.

butt numb, i shift my weight

and shake mosquitos from my ankles,

but never take my eyes off the game.

yours follow the orange orb, your pupils

twin, brown moons reflecting its light.

your play is wild efficiency,

you are a four-pronged magic wand,

waving, as if agentless, in all directions at once.

an opponent dribbles the ball - now he sees it,

now he don't, it's gone, flown,

and you've given it its wings.

you are one-eighth of the shrieking rubber,

one-eighth of the growls and calls. you are

the delicious assist, the unerring pass.

you spread your skills out before me, a peacock

among pigeons, as if to say "all eyes on me,"

and make it worth my while.

a chill trails the sun west like a long, clammy train,

crawls over me and my makeshift bench,

over the emptying playground,

but stops at the edge of the concrete,

where eight men burning keep it at bay,

the way torches smoking around a patio

ward off insects. twilight rises like dark steam

from the dewy grass, but you don't see it.

the ball still lights the court

until the winning jumper sinks and puts it out.

then earth returns to view, and you jog over

to slap my palm and beam,

and receive the grin i give you like a trophy.


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The way I would interpret this poem is that it seems that this child is memorized by this player. I believe that this player is a role model to this child because when she watches him play I think that she is inspired by this player because of his outstanding playing. He seems to teach her that you should always try to be an individual and not a follower of everyone else. You should stand out. Become that peacock among pigeons.

| Posted on 2011-03-25 | by a guest

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