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Kissass Analysis

Author: poem of Allen Ginsberg Type: poem Views: 10

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Kissass is the Part of Peace

America will have to Kissass Mother Earth

Whites have to Kissass Blacks, for Peace & Pleasure,

Only Pathway to Peace, Kissass.

Submitted by Johnathan Andrew


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This poem conveys a very strong and clear message in just a couple of lines. The message is to the society the author is living in and it can be apply in many circumstances. In a sarcastic and aggressive way, Ginsberg highlights the fallacies of America: how people tend to wear a mask in order to be in peace and get ahead.
It is about the honesty that is missing but wants to believe in, in America. He is mentioning a sort of contract between the attitude of “kissing asses” or pleasing someone in order to get what you want. He provides the reader the recipe to obtain something in North America and at the same time he portrays his country, according to his own point of view. Americans claim to be the most powerful country around the world after World War II; yet, they still have to please Mother Nature and black people. I believe he mentions these last two because Ginsberg saw nothing but injustice when dealing with them. The United States sought for improvements leaving them behind. Black people were discriminated against and Mother Nature destroyed by the war. In addition to this, people who thought differently were also alienated from society.
Shallowness was encouraged at the expenses of misaligning values and displaying hypocrisy. Americans believed that the whole country had progressed but it was a false sense of completeness. Eventually, the US would have to please those who were left aside.
I have chosen this poem because none of the authors I have read were as straight as Ginsberg. He states a truth that other authors did not dare to mention. He does not idealize his country in a romantic and poetic way. Moreover, the use of vulgar vocabulary struck me. It had a significant impact the first time I read it. I have never considered that poetry could be also expressed by the use of obscene words. I strongly believe that the author caught my attention through the use of the appropriate vocabulary to express a truth or face up facts as they are.

| Posted on 2014-12-14 | by a guest

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