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How admirable Analysis

Author: haiku of Matsuo Basho Type: haiku Views: 10

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    How admirable!

to see lightning and not think

    life is fleeting.

Translated by Robert Hass


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Caregiving is a feminist issue. The peolpe called on first to be caregivers are daughters, daughters-in-law & granddaughters (the last one is unbelievable to me!). We're geared for caregiving as women, through nature & nurture, but more often than not we forget to look after ourselves while we're in the midst of our roles. It's a tough one, the struggle with guilt was the biggest for me & the women I work with. But we won't be good for anything if we burnout.BestEllen BessoMidLife Coach & Author of Surviving Eldercare : Where Their Needs End & Yours Begin x x

| Posted on 2013-11-13 | by a guest

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My best journal entry is when the llttie girl's parents were out with her brother and she felt her long her. She went to the bathroom and found the scissors. She cut her hair. When her family came and opened the door, the sight in front of them was shocking! They were shocked to find the own daughter with short dark brown hair. Her brother was smiling and then he bent down. The llttie girl gave him her hair and he took the red cap off of his head and put it on her head. The story was about helping people with cancer and some people even donate hair to help make wigs for people who have cancer so no one would notice about the cancer. I hope this is a nice journal entry. Assalamu alaikum.

| Posted on 2013-11-11 | by a guest

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I love Matsuo Bassho's Oku no Hosomichi'. I have a lovely iltatsruled copy in both Japanese and English.When I lived in Japan, I was very close (10 minute drive) to Kisakata, the most northern part of Matsuo Bassho's journey to the interior'. He went out of his way specifically to see Kisakata. It's now just a small fishing town of 12,000 people, but back then it was a famous lagoon filled with about 100 islands, and was often paired with another set of islands, Matsushima, on the other coast (where the tsunami hit the other year). Matsushima has a cheery air to it, while Kisakata had a mournful air. A large volcano, Mt. Chokai, looms over Kisakata, and its reflection would float peacefully in the lagoon. In the early 1800s (1807, I think?) an earthquake raised the land and the lagoon drained. You can still see the islands today, although now they are in a sea of rice. The temple in Kisakata still has a boat mooring post out the back that is no longer needed. For a few weeks a year, in May, when the rice paddies are flooded for planting, you can again see the reflection of Mt Chokai on the water and see how remarkable Kisakata once was.In keeping with Kisakata's mournful association, the haiku Matsuo Bassho wrote when he was there was:Kisakata ya Ame ni Seishi ga Nebu-no-hanaAh, Kisakata! In the rain the mimosa is as Seishi(my own awkward translation)Seishi was a young woman in a Chinese folk tale who came to a sad end.I was thinking of this haiku yesterday evening as I saw all the mimosas, which are currently mid-bloom, bedraggled in the rain.My other favourite haiku from Oku no Hosomichi' is the one you've quoted. (In Japanese: Natsu kusa ya Tsuwamono-domo ga Yume no ato). I never made it to Hiraizumi, where the haiku was written, despite it not being far from where I lived. I regret that now.

| Posted on 2013-11-10 | by a guest

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