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The Age Analysis

Author: poem of Osip Mandelstam Type: poem Views: 5

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My age, my beast, is there anyone

Who can peer into your eyes

And with his own blood fuse

Two centuries' worth of vertebrae?

The creating blood gushes

From the throat of earthly things,

And the parasite just trembles

On the threshold of new days.

While the creature still has life,

The spine must be delivered,

While with the unseen backbone

A wave distracts itself.

Again they've brought the peak of life

Like a sacrificial lamb,

Like a child's supple cartilage—

The age of infant earth.

To free the age from its confinement,

To instigate a brand new world,

The discordant, tangled days

Must be linked, as with a flute.

It's the age that rocks the swells

With humanity's despair,

And in the undergrowth a serpent breathes

The golden measure of the age.

Still the shoots will swell

And the green buds sprout

But your spinal cord is crushed,

My fantastic, wretched age!

And in lunatic beatitude

You look back, cruel and weak,

Like a beast that once was agile,

At the tracks left by your feet.

The creating blood gushes

From the throat of earthly things,

The lukewarm cartilage of oceans

Splashes like a seething fish ashore.

And from the bird net spread on high

From the humid azure stones,

Streams a flood of helpless apathy

On your single, fatal wound.

Translated by Marc Adler

Submitted by Marc Adler


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