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Reading The Brothers Grimm To Jenny Analysis

Author: poem of Lisel Mueller Type: poem Views: 12

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Jenny, your mind commands

kingdoms of black and white:

you shoulder the crow on your left,

the snowbird on your right;

for you the cinders part

and let the lentils through,

and noise falls into place

as screech or sweet roo-coo,

while in my own, real, world

gray foxes and gray wolves

bargain eye to eye,

and the amazing dove

takes shelter under the wing

of the raven to keep dry.

Knowing that you must climb,

one day, the ancient tower

where disenchantment binds

the curls of innocence,

that you must live with power

and honor circumstance,

that choice is what comes true--

oh, Jenny, pure in heart,

why do I lie to you?

Why do I read you tales

in which birds speak the truth

and pity cures the blind,

and beauty reaches deep

to prove a royal mind?

Death is a small mistake

there, where the kiss revives;

Jenny, we make just dreams

out of our unjust lives.

Still, when your truthful eyes,

your keen, attentive stare,

endow the vacuous slut

with royalty, when you match

her soul to her shimmering hair,

what can she do but rise

to your imagined throne?

And what can I, but see

beyond the world that is,

when, faithful, you insist

I have the golden key--

and learn from you once more

the terror and the bliss,

the world as it might be?

Submitted by David Shackelford


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I am 49 and at 40 my hair turned grey. I lived with it for a few years then stetrad to colour it blonde, but I am so inspired by your blog and with Jenny that I am going to let it grow out again!I think there is something very dramatic about a shock of grey hair especially if there is a sweep of it i.e. all the same length or a long fringe. More pics of Jenny please and more info about her.. she is so beautiful. x x

| Posted on 2013-11-14 | by a guest

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jenny is gorg (is she a SA girl like me? i'm in the process - will be 58 next month and have hnenaed my dark espresso hair since i was 16!!! 3 months into the growout i have an inch and a half of silver threaded dark hair! love it! i did chop 6 inches off and it's now shorter than usual to my shoulders. think i'll keep it here till all the henna hits the floor! it grows very fast so as soon as it is all in and i'm red free, i'll grow it long again!

| Posted on 2013-11-12 | by a guest

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