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Wishes, For Alix Analysis

Author: poem of James A. Emanuel Type: poem Views: 4

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Always searching, may you find;

if you run-down,

may you wind;

every year

may you grow

reaping only

what you sow

sowing only in the seed

what will ripen into need

what will sweeten to the touch

seeming little, being much.

May your playmates be a song,

may your friends just skip along

laughing you into their game

letting you remain the same

in their hearts and on their lips

even when their fingertips

have to let you go your way—

glad they saw Alix today.


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OK, your dog had soooo much to say. In this reading he and I are hanvig a conversation. Blessings,AlixCharlie Brown where are you?I’m in heavenWhy are you there?It was my time to goHow did you get there?I arranged to goYour human mom Elana is very sadYes I know but she does not know. This is the crux of the message this is what we came to you (Alix) so that she could hear: there is nothing sad about passing over, there is nothing sad. The part of us that is spirit is always joyful and always alive and it never knows death. Only the personality knows death and that is supposed to die sooner or later anyway.When Elana is in the kitchen making breakfast I am there. When her daughter sees me I am there. I will always be there with her but not in the body any more just in spirit. I am to be her guide.Elana's daughter is very magical. She sees things and knows things. It is very important that Elana honors this seeing. I will come to the daughter at important times she should learn to pay attention when she sees me.The world is a magical place. I am gone but not really. Please tell Elana to stop crying and begin to embrace that magic. Her life depends on it. This is what she is here to do and I will always be there beside her. I love her slurp all is well I am with god good-bye and trust! x x

| Posted on 2013-11-15 | by a guest

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I don’t feel good. I know I’m old, but I shouldn’t feel this bad.I see a cat with Ellie. Either a cat that is crternuly with you or a cat that is present only in spirit—perhaps one you had in the past? The cat is Ellie’s friend and helper and is trying to help Ellie heal.Ellie’s physical issues are connected to the contracts and agreements that she has with you, Cat. They are also connected to her food. They don’t seem connected to the space where she lives.The agreements that I see are•It is possible to feel good•It is possible to live a healed life•It is possible to be joyfully well, happy, and freeEllie’s journey parallels your journey, Cat. So look at your own path of healing and see what lessons and insights are waiting for you. I see the two of you romping and playing. I see the two of you eating from the same plate—healthy food, chicken and veggies and salad. Not literally the same plate, but the same kind of food.It feels like Ellie needs to lose weight and the weight is connected to her diet. I ask whether it is Ellie or Cat who needs to lose weight and I hear Both of us!I see Ellie’s food dish and I see going into it carrots, fish, apples, potatoes. Real food. (Of course, you will want to research this and create a balanced homemade diet.)I see the two of you walking—outdoors. In woods or at the shore. I see the two of you meditating together. I see Cat managing her anxiety which will help Ellie with her anxiety. I see that things between you are linked—she is your mirror and your teacher.I see that you love each other very much, and that she is an anchor in your life. Radiant joy together in Ellie’s last years is possible but will take insight, clarity, commitment and action.I wish you both the best.Alix

| Posted on 2013-11-13 | by a guest

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My job is to help Kadie understand about the baetuy and the cycle of life: That just because I will not always be here with her in body does not mean I will be absent—I will be here in spiritKadie needs me as a spirit guideI have come with her to be with her for a short time in body but we have been together in many lifetimes and I will be with her for many moreSpecifically in this lifetime I will remain by her side in spiritAlix says:I sense a deep sadness on the part of both Kadie and Patch to lose each other in this physical incarnation even though they both know and Patch especially that the journey is not over when the body departsThis is a practice for something important that Kadie has to do with her life and Patch will be there to help herI see another dog coming one who is a jester, goofy floppy lovable the exact opposite of Patch who is steady and responsible and loving and always under your feet like a rock. This new dog will be under your feet like you will trip over him! Lol But he has a big slurpy tongue and he will love you tons and show you how to playKadie, there is no time line to this reading. I am not saying when or how Patch will pass. Perhaps she already has, perhaps not for a long time.The lesson is:Find joy in every moment.Accept joy into your life.Do what is important without putting it off any longer.Patch says:I love you mom. Trust the process. All is well. Though the path seems hard it is important for you to walk it.All my love,From Patch and the angels and Dad.Dad saysOh my little girl, I love you so much! And he picks you up and spins you around and around in a circle until you are dizzy and laughing.Alix says:Big Kadie walks with much protection although she does not yet know it. Trust. They are with you and you are guided and protected all the days of your life.

| Posted on 2013-11-12 | by a guest

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