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Psalm 85 Analysis

Author: poem of John Milton Type: poem Views: 8

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Thy Land to favour graciously

Thou hast not Lord been slack,

Thou hast from hard Captivity

Returned Jacob back.

Th' iniquity thou didst forgive

That wrought thy people woe,

And all their Sin, that did thee grieve

Hast hid where none shall know.

Thine anger all thou hadst remov'd,

And calmly didst return                                          

From thy *fierce wrath which we had prov'd        *Heb. The burning

Far worse then fire to burn.                            heat of thy

God of our saving health and peace,                          wrath.

Turn us, and us restore,

Thine indignation cause to cease

Toward us, and chide no more.

Wilt thou be angry without end,

For ever angry thus

Wilt thou thy frowning ire extend

From age to age on us?                                          

Wilt thou not * turn, and hear our voice             * Heb. Turn to

And us again * revive ,                                 quicken us.

That so thy people may rejoyce

By thee preserv'd alive.

Cause us to see thy goodness Lord,

To us thy mercy shew

Thy saving health to us afford

And lift in us renew.

And now what God the Lord will speak

I will go strait and hear,                                      

For to his people he speaks peace

And to his Saints full dear,

To his dear Saints he will speak peace,

But let them never more

Return to folly, but surcease

To trespass as before.

Surely to such as do him fear

Salvation is at hand

And glory shall ere long appear

To dwell within our Land.                                        

Mercy and Truth that long were miss'd

Now joyfully are met

Sweet Peace and Righteousness have kiss'd

And hand in hand are set.

Truth from the earth like to a flowr

Shall bud and blossom then,

And Justice from her heavenly bowr

Look down on mortal men.

The Lord will also then bestow

Whatever thing is good                                          

Our Land shall forth in plenty throw

Her fruits to be our food.

Before him Righteousness shall go

His Royal Harbinger,

Then * will he come, and not be slow          *Heb. He will set his

His footsteps cannot err.                         steps to the way.


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it appears that we the born again shloud speak to each other about the day that we are in, and those things that we see in the church and out of the church and ferverntly pray about those things that we see. This is part of the mission of this blog site is to bring together the Thoughts, and Revelations by us the Born Again Believers that the Lord has revealed unto us. To share those things, and bring about the discussing of them, and ultimately bring about the Truth of the Lord to prepare us for the soon coming day of Redemption. x x

| Posted on 2013-11-14 | by a guest

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The genius store callde, they're running out of you.

| Posted on 2013-11-13 | by a guest

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Yep - about that time of year to start making some Christmas plans. I've got a show cinomg up - welcoming Santa to the local mall here - he always seems to arrive earlier each year!But, my plans revolve more around some rest and relaxation - much needed after the last few years of too much busy. Taking a year off and waiting on the Lord. Joy!Kathy

| Posted on 2013-11-12 | by a guest

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