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Dreams Analysis

Author: poem of Robert Service Type: poem Views: 5

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I had a dream, a dream of dread:

I thought that horror held the house;

A burglar bent above my bed,

He moved as quiet as a mouse.

With hairy hand and naked knife

He poised to plunge a bloody stroke,

Until despairful of my life

I shrieked with terror - and awoke.

I had a dream of weary woes:

In weather that was fit to freeze,

I thought that I had lost my cloths,

And only wore a short chemise.

The wind was wild; so catch a train

I ran, but no advance did make;

My legs were pistoning in vain -

How I was happy to awake!

I had a dream: Upon the stair

I met a maid who kissed my lips;

A nightie was her only wear,

We almost came to loving grips.

And then she opened wide a door,

And pointed to a bonny bed . . .

Oh blast! I wakened up before

I could discover - were we wed?

Alas! Those dreams of broken bliss,

Of wakenings too sadly soon!

With memories of sticky kiss,

And limbs so languidly a-swoon!

Alas those nightmares devil driven!

Those pantless prowlings in Pall Mall!

Oh why should some dreams be like heaven

And others so resemble hell?


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