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Away, Melancholy Analysis

Author: poem of Stevie Smith Type: poem Views: 10

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Away, melancholy,

Away with it, let it go.

Are not the trees green,

The earth as green?

Does not the wind blow,

Fire leap and the rivers flow?

Away melancholy.

The ant is busy

He carrieth his meat,

All things hurry

To be eaten or eat.

Away, melancholy.

Man, too, hurries,

Eats, couples, buries,

He is an animal also

With a hey ho melancholy,

Away with it, let it go.

Man of all creatures

Is superlative

(Away melancholy)

He of all creatures alone

Raiseth a stone

(Away melancholy)

Into the stone, the god

Pours what he knows of good

Calling, good, God.

Away melancholy, let it go.

Speak not to me of tears,

Tyranny, pox, wars,

Saying, Can God

Stone of man's thoughts, be good?

Say rather it is enough

That the stuffed

Stone of man's good, growing,

By man's called God.

Away, melancholy, let it go.

Man aspires

To good,

To love


Beaten, corrupted, dying

In his own blood lying

Yet heaves up an eye above

Cries, Love, love.

It is his virtue needs explaining,

Not his failing.

Away, melancholy,

Away with it, let it go.


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this poem is basically about religion and god and how we have changed what god intended from his words. the stone refers to the ten commandments which was originally written in stone tablets. smith talks about the stone growing as man adds and changes things. this is supported by the line \"by man\'s called god\" or in other words men pretending to be god.

| Posted on 2010-08-26 | by a guest

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