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Lottery Ticket Analysis

Author: poem of Robert Service Type: poem Views: 0

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'A ticket for the lottery

I've purchased every week,' said she

               'For years a score

Though desperately poor am I,

Oh how I've scrimped and scraped to buy

               One chance more.

Each week I think I'll gain the prize,

And end my sorrows and my sighs,

               For I'll be rich;

Then nevermore I'll eat bread dry,

With icy hands to cry and cry

               And stitch and stitch.'

'Tis true she won the premier prize;

It was of formidable size,

               Ten million francs.

I know, because the man who sold

It to her splenically told

               He got no thanks.

The lucky one was never found,

For she was snugly underground,

               And minus breath;

And with that ticket tucked away,

In some old stocking, so they say,

               She starved to death.


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Anyone have a better analysis? One that will describe the potentially hidden meaning?

| Posted on 2011-12-05 | by a guest

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Lottery Ticket is about a homeless lady who buys a lottery ticket each week with the small amounts of money that she is given by people. She talks about how her life will be after she wins the lottery. She bases her life around the fact that one day it will be better and how she will never go without; she will have all that she needs. Later in the poem she wins the lotto but before she can retrieve the money she starved to death.

| Posted on 2010-09-07 | by a guest

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