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The Conversation Of Prayer Analysis

Author: poem of Dylan Thomas Type: poem Views: 10

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The conversation of prayers about to be said

By the child going to bed and the man on the stairs

Who climbs to his dying love in her high room,

The one not caring to whom in his sleep he will move

And the other full of tears that she will be dead,

Turns in the dark on the sound they know will arise

Into the answering skies from the green ground,

From the man on the stairs and the child by his bed.

The sound about to be said in the two prayers

For the sleep in a safe land and the love who dies

Will be the same grief flying. Whom shall they calm?

Shall the child sleep unharmed or the man be crying?

The conversation of prayers about to be said

Turns on the quick and the dead, and the man on the stair

To-night shall find no dying but alive and warm

In the fire of his care his love in the high room.

And the child not caring to whom he climbs his prayer

Shall drown in a grief as deep as his made grave,

And mark the dark eyed wave, through the eyes of sleep,

Dragging him up the stairs to one who lies dead.


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The man's faith ends with the life rather than expected death of his loved one, brcause of "the fire of his care". The child's uncaring sleep ends not only with his death, but the discovery in the last lines that even as he is "dragged upstairs" drowning in his grief, that "the one upstairs" (God?) is dead. If I'm right, the man's faith in what he does not know isn't there is the fire that saves his love; the child's lack of it drowns him in grief. But "God" is there for neither.

| Posted on 2014-03-26 | by a guest

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The subject of the poem, as stated in the title and content, is a prayer said by the two focal characters. The prayer is different for the man and the child, but in both cases, as is characteristic of a prayer, it is a plea for good fortune to an intangible power that is believed to have influence on our future. The concept of a prayer in itself is a representation of hope, or possibly the lack there of. One prays for what they wish, or think they may not receive any other way. The man on the stair prays sincerely for his love, that maybe on her death bed, to find her “alive and warm in the fire of his care.” However the reader learns that the child is praying simply out of routine rather than faith, as Thomas repeats the term “not caring,” showing the boys indifference to whom he sends his prayer. He prays non-emphatically for a peaceful sleep to find himself poorly rested as he faces death in the final sentence. The power the speakers give their prayer is directly proportional to the response to their wishes.

| Posted on 2013-01-07 | by a guest

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The poem , as susual with Dylan Thomas\', is difficult.It gives the picture of life after a davastating war. I can see the juxtaposition of a few antithetical imagery such as child and man, ground and the sky, love and death etc. It involes an entire life, I guess. Even in sorrow life is worth living for its warmth.

| Posted on 2011-10-05 | by a guest

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