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The Bohemian Dreams Analysis

Author: poem of Robert Service Type: poem Views: 7

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Because my overcoat's in pawn,

I choose to take my glass

Within a little bistro on

The rue du Montparnasse;

The dusty bins with bottles shine,

The counter's lined with zinc,

And there I sit and drink my wine,

And think and think and think.

I think of hoary old Stamboul,

Of Moslem and of Greek,

Of Persian in coat of wool,

Of Kurd and Arab sheikh;

Of all the types of weal and woe,

And as I raise my glass,

Across Galata bridge I know

They pass and pass and pass.

I think of citron-trees aglow,

Of fan-palms shading down,

Of sailors dancing heel and toe

With wenches black and brown;

And though it's all an ocean far

From Yucatan to France,

I'll bet beside the old bazaar

They dance and dance and dance.

I think of Monte Carlo, where

The pallid croupiers call,

And in the gorgeous, guilty air

The gamblers watch the ball;

And as I flick away the foam

With which my beer is crowned,

The wheels beneath the gilded dome

Go round and round and round.

I think of vast Niagara,

Those gulfs of foam a-shine,

Whose mighty roar would stagger a

More prosy bean than mine;

And as the hours I idly spend

Against a greasy wall,

I know that green the waters bend

And fall and fall and fall.

I think of Nijni Novgorod

And Jews who never rest;

And womenfolk with spade and hod

Who slave in Buda-Pest;

Of squat and sturdy Japanese

Who pound the paddy soil,

And as I loaf and smoke at ease

They toil and toil and toil.

I think of shrines in Hindustan,

Of cloistral glooms in Spain,

Of minarets in Ispahan,

Of St. Sophia's fane,

Of convent towers in Palestine,

Of temples in Cathay,

And as I stretch and sip my wine

They pray and pray and pray.

And so my dreams I dwell within,

And visions come and go,

And life is passing like a Cin-

Ematographic Show;

Till just as surely as my pipe

Is underneath my nose,

Amid my visions rich and ripe

I doze and doze and doze.


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