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To A New England Poet Analysis

Author: poem of Philip Freneau Type: poem Views: 18

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Though skilled in Latin and in Greek,

And earning fifty cents a week,

Such knowledge, and the income, too,

Should teach you better what to do:

    The meanest drudges, kept in pay,

    Can pocket fifty cents a day.

Why stay in such a tasteless land,

Where all must on a level stand,

(Excepting people, at their ease,

Who choose the level where they please:)

    See Irving gone to Britain's court

    To people of another sort,

    He will return, with wealth and fame,

    While Yankees hardly know your name.

Lo! he has kissed a Monarch's--hand!

Before a prince I see him stand,

And with the glittering nobles mix,

Forgetting times of seventy-six,

While you with terror meet the frown

Of Bank Directors of the town,

    The home-made nobles of our times,

    Who hate the bard, and spurn his rhymes.

Why pause?--like Irving, haste away,

To England your addresses pay;

And England will reward you well,

    Of British feats, and British arms,

    The maids of honor, and their charms.

Dear bard, I pray you, take the hint,

In England what you write and print,

Republished here in shop, or stall,

Will perfectly enchant us all:

    It will assume a different face,

    And post your name at every place,

    From splendid domes of first degree

    Where ladies meet, to sip their tea;

    From marble halls, where lawyers plead,

    Or Congress-men talk loud, indeed,

    To huts, where evening clubs appear,

    And 'squires resort--to guzzle Beer.


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As I understand it, this poem is about an English writer who was famous in Britian but, unknown in America. The poet encourages writers to publish in America. Then he lists of who would read their work.

| Posted on 2011-11-12 | by a guest

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