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Pantheist Analysis

Author: poem of Robert Service Type: poem Views: 4

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Lolling on a bank of thyme

Drunk with Spring I made this rhyme. . . .

Though peoples perish in defeat,

And races suffer to survive,

The sunshine never was so sweet,

So vast he joy to be alive;

The laughing leaves, the glowing grass

Proclaim how good it is to be;

The pines are lyric as I pass,

The hills hosannas sing to me.

Pink roses ring yon placid palm,

Soft shines the blossom of the peach;

The sapphire sea is satin calm,

With bell-like tinkle on the beach;

A lizard lazes in the sun,

A bee is bumbling to my hand;

Shy breezes whisper: "You are one

With us because you understand."

Yea, I am one with all I see,

With wind and wave, with pine and palm;

Their very elements in me

Are fused to make me what I am.

Through me their common life-stream flows,

And when I yield this human breath,

In leaf and blossom, bud and rose,

Live on I will . . . There is no Death.

Oh, let me flee from woeful things,

And listen to the linnet's song;

To solitude my spirit clings,

To sunny woodlands I belong.

O foolish men! Yourselves destroy.

But I from pain would win surcease. . . .

O Earth, grant me eternal joy!

O Nature - everlasting peace!



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