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Helen In Hollywood Analysis

Author: poem of Judy Grahn Type: poem Views: 19

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When she goes to Hollywood

she is an angel.

She writes in red red lipstick

on the window of her body,

long for me, oh need me!

Parts her lips like a lotus.

Opening night she stands, poised

on her carpet, luminescent,

young men humming

all around her.  She is flying.

Her high heels are wands, her

furs electric.  Her bracelets

flashing.  How completely

dazzling her complexion,

how vibrant her hair and eyes,

how brilliant the glow that spreads

four full feet around her.

She is totally self conscious

self contained

self centered,

caught in the blazing central eye

of our attention.

We infuse her.

Fans, we wave at her

like handmaids, unabashedly,

we crowd on tiptoe pressed together

just to feel the fission of the star

that lives on earth,

the bright, the angel sun

the luminescent glow of someone

other than we.

Look!  Look!  She is different.

Medium for all our energy

as we pour it through her.

Vessel of light,

Her flesh is like flax,

a living fiber.

She is the symbol of our dreams and fears

and bloody visions, all

our metaphors for living in America.

Harlowe, Holiday, Monroe


When she goes to Hollywood

she is the fire for all purposes.

Her flesh is like dark wax, a candle.

She is from any place or class.

"That's the one," we say in instant recognition,

because our breath is taken by her beauty,

or what we call her beauty.

She is glowing from every pore.

we adore her.  we imitate and rob her

adulate   envy

admire   neglect

scorn.   leave alone

invade, fill

ourselves with her.

we love her, we say

and if she isn't careful

we may even kill her.

Opening night

she lands on her carpet,

long fingered hands

like divining rods

bobbing and drawing the strands

of our attention,

as limousine drivers in blue jackets

stand on the hoods of their cars

to see the angel, talking

Davis, Dietrich, Wood

Tyson, Taylor, Gabor

Helen, when she goes to Hollywood

to be a walking star,

to be an actor

She is far more that a product

of Max Factor,

Max Factor didn't make her

though the make-up helps us

see what we would like

to take her for

her flesh is like glass,

a chandelier

a mirror

Harlowe, Holiday, Monroe


when she went to Hollywood

to be an angel

And it is she and not we

who is different

She who marries the crown prince

who leads the processional dance,

she who sweeps eternally

down the steps

in her long round gown.

A leaping, laughing leading lady,

she is our flower.

It is she who lies strangled

in the bell tower;

she who is monumentally drunk and suicidal

or locked waiting in the hightower,

she who lies sweating with the vicious jungle fever,

who leaps from her blue window

when he will, if he will, leave her

it is she and not we

who is the lotus

It is she with the lilies in her hair

and a keyboard beside her,

the dark flesh glowing

She whose wet lips nearly swallow

the microphone, whose whiskey voice

is precise and sultry and overwhelming,

she who is princess and harlequin,

athlete and moll and whore and lady,

goddess of the silver screen

the only original American queen

and Helen

when she was an angel

when she went to Hollywood

Anonymous submission.


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.: :.

Well who else would put up with my drunken urblelma poking and "ya!"ing without kicking over my barstool? Haha. I even teach dialects now...

| Posted on 2013-11-16 | by a guest

.: :.

Your words are so very kind I am humbled that you loved the video and song. Your are so very wleocme but I believe it is God who touched you in the way that brought real emotions to your soul. You as well, be blessed today:) ~L x x

| Posted on 2013-11-14 | by a guest

.: :.

You are awesome! This webolg is so excellent. I really hope far more individuals read this and get what youre saying, simply because let me tell you, its crucial stuff. I in no way wouldve thought about it this way unless Id run into your webolg. Thanks for putting it up. I hope you might have excellent success.

| Posted on 2013-11-14 | by a guest

.: :.

A few years ago I'd have to pay someone for this inrfnmatioo.

| Posted on 2013-11-12 | by a guest

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