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Making Love To Concrete Analysis

Author: poem of Audre Lorde Type: poem Views: 22

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An upright abutment in the mouth

of the Willis Avenue bridge

a beige Honda leaps the divider

like a steel gazelle inescapable

sleek leather boots on the pavement

rat-a-tat-tat best intentions

going down for the third time

stuck in the particular

You cannot make love to concrete

if you care about being

non-essential wrong or worn thin

if you fear ever becoming

diamonds or lard

you cannot make love to concrete

if you cannot pretend

concrete needs your loving

To make love to concrete

you need an indelible feather

white dresses before you are ten

a confirmation lace veil milk-large bones

and air raid drills in your nightmares

no stars till you go to the country

and one summer when you are twelve

Con Edison pulls the plug

on the street-corner moons     Walpurgisnacht

and there are sudden new lights in the sky

stone chips that forget you need

to become a light rope a hammer

a repeatable bridge

garden-fresh broccoli two dozen dropped eggs

and a hint of you

caught up between my fingers

the lesson of a wooden beam

propped up on barrels

across a mined terrain

between forgiving too easily

and never giving at all.

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This was the first November 13th that I didn't re-live the whole thing. It was more like a date on the calender than an aucatl emotional thing, which was good, because I wasn't willing to go down that road this time around. Sometimes I feel like I spend too much time re-living certain experiences, and I am missing out on creating new memories. (I don't deny that something happened, something that turned out to be terrible in some ways and wonderful in others, but the energy put into and then lost re-living it, reminding myself of the details and the what ifs, would likely have been more than I could have handled. I am putting some real effort into loving Winter this year!)

| Posted on 2014-03-05 | by a guest

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I don't have a particular bad aranveisnry (I'm bad at dates anyhow. Ha.), but I think picking a date to be a self-care day (even if it's more than once a year) is a great idea. I think we make so many commitments outside of ourselves, to friends, family, community, that we forget that we are actually important, too. A friend of mine got a tattoo of an exaggerated diamond on her left ring finger a few months back. Her rationale was that she was making a commitment / marrying herself, since she knew, for certain, she would always be with herself, and that making that sort of commitment to take care of herself and be there for herself was valid and important.I've also been wanting to write about being shy and my history with that and how it has morphed and shifted over time, but I always seem to get distracted by something else. Ha.

| Posted on 2014-03-04 | by a guest

.: :.

Thanks, Vicky, for sharing your tohughts on this. Letting go of bitterness and resentment in the face of perceived injustice is a monumental and lifelong task. I would guess that behind the bitterness you experienced from the sisters you mention is a great deal of pain and hurt. In my own journey towards nonviolence, I have found that it is sometimes necessary to go through a period of less than charitable tohughts towards others I perceive to have caused me distress. What is important to me is to accept that this is just a stage, and to wait for, and then cooperate with the grace to respond graciously, with a generous compassion for the other's needs. I believe that collectively, the LCWR leadership is modeling that approach, taking time to reflect and ponder how to respond after the initial rush of emotion subsides. We sisters are as human as anyone else we have big desires and big hearts, AND big opportunities to grow in our response to painful situations. Like any demographic, many women religious come from dysfunctional families, where substance abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence, divorce, etc. have created situations that presented challenges to thriving as children and adolescents, and later, as adults. With God's grace and the love of community, family, and friends, many of us are able to deal with past hurts and learn again to thrive, and it is often a long journey, with setbacks and relapses. Clergy sexual abuse has made relating to the institutional Church complicated for many women religious, especially when male leaders relate to women in what is perceived to be a paternalistic manner that can be experienced as coercive power, sometimes triggering deeper memories of past violations.As you say, St. Catherine treated the Pope with respect. We do not know the thought process she went through before responding. Seems to me that the LCWR leadership has likewise responded respectfully and graciously, with great integrity throughout this process, setting wonderful examples for all of us, whatever our views on the assessment may be.Thanks again for your tohughts!

| Posted on 2014-03-04 | by a guest

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