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The Park Analysis

Author: poem of Ralph Waldo Emerson Type: poem Views: 8

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The prosperous and beautiful

To me seem not to wear

The yoke of conscience masterful,

Which galls me everywhere.

I cannot shake off the god;

On my neck he makes his seat;

I look at my face in the glass,

My eyes his eye-balls meet.

Enchanters! enchantresses!

Your gold makes you seem wise:

The morning mist within your grounds

More proudly rolls, more softly lies.

Yet spake yon purple mountain,

Yet said yon ancient wood,

That night or day, that love or crime

Lead all souls to the Good.


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strictly my opinion (taken out of my research paper.
“Your gold makes you seem wise: the morning mist within your grounds, more proudly rolls, more softly lies” (“The Park” 1). Emerson is talking about rich people who think they are smarter or better other people. The gold that Emerson talks about is the fancy clothes and amount of money. He makes it seem like the more proudly one walks around thinking about themselves, there are others who also see them as a fake or as a liar. The ground in which these people keeps moving them forward in more of a lie. The more one walks around thinking that they are the greatest, the more lies that surface. All around are clues to show that what they are doing is a lie and they truly are not wise. Yet, in fact they are only hurting themselves.
(cites: this website for the poem)

| Posted on 2015-02-23 | by a guest

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There are a lot of people who are very successful and beautiful.
They do not seem to have everything figured out for their lives which really makes me confused.
I just cannot see to get away from the religion that is always around me.
Wherever I look, there it is staring at me in the face. (Emerson’s says it about himself)
Rich and beautiful people, your fancy clothes and smart words make you seem intelligent as well as in control. All around you there are hints that show that this is a lie.
Yet, in the future as well as it was in the past, that even people who do wrong, will eventually be lead to the good in life.

| Posted on 2013-12-03 | by a guest

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Strictly my interpretation:
The rich don't think they need God and don't have God.
The Poor do and do.
(author once rich, is now Poor)
To the rich, the devil seem wise
but has nothing but lies
(the author finally realized)
But nonetheless, do not worry,
All creation leads everyone
back to God.
(Everyone as in: the Poor and then the rich, once they become Poor)
The concept of rich and Poor here isn't materialistic. It's more of the spirit and soul more specifically the proud and humble. Rich, the proud and Poor, the humble.

| Posted on 2008-12-07 | by a guest

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