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Identity Analysis

Author: poem of A.R. Ammons Type: poem Views: 19

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1) An individual spider web

identifies a species:

an order of instinct prevails

      through all accidents of circumstance,

            though possibility is

high along the peripheries of



                  you can go all

            around the fringing attachments

            and find

disorder ripe,

entropy rich, high levels of random,

      numerous occasions of accident:

2) the possible settings

of a web are infinite:

      how does

the spider keep


      while creating the web

      in a particular place?

      how and to what extent

            and by what modes of chemistry

            and control?

it is


      how things work: I will tell you

                  about it


it is interesting

and because whatever is

moves in weeds

      and stars and spider webs

and known

                  is loved:

            in that love,

            each of us knowing it,

            I love you,

for it moves within and beyond us,

            sizzles in

to winter grasses, darts and hangs with bumblebees

by summer windowsills:

                  I will show you

the underlying that takes no image to itself,

      cannot be shown or said,

but weaves in and out of moons and bladderweeds,

                  is all and

      beyond destruction

      because created fully in no

particular form:

                  if the web were perfectly pre-set,

                  the spider could

            never find

            a perfect place to set it in: and

                  if the web were

perfectly adaptable,

if freedom and possibility were without limit,

                  the web would

lose its special identity:

      the row-strung garden web

keeps order at the center

where space is freest (intersecting that the freest

            "medium" should

            accept the firmest order)

and that


                  diminishes toward the


      allowing at the points of contact

            entropy equal to entropy.

Anonymous submission.


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