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Vanity Fair Analysis

Author: poem of Sylvia Plath Type: poem Views: 25

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Through frost-thick weather

This witch sidles, fingers crooked, as if

Caught in a hazardous medium that might

Merely by its continuing

Attach her to heaven.

At eye's envious corner

Crow's-feet copy veining on a stained leaf;

Cold squint steals sky's color; while bruit

Of bells calls holy ones, her tongue

Backtalks at the raven

Claeving furred air

Over her skull's midden; no knife

Rivals her whetted look, divining what conceit

Waylays simple girls, church-going,

And what heart's oven

Craves most to cook batter

Rich in strayings with every amorous oaf,

Ready, for a trinket,

To squander owl-hours on bracken bedding,

Flesh unshriven.

Against virgin prayer

This sorceress sets mirrors enough

To distract beauty's thought;

Lovesick at first fond song,

Each vain girl's driven

To believe beyond heart's flare

No fire is, nor in any book proof

Sun hoists soul up after lids fall shut;

So she wills all to the black king.

The worst sloven

Vies with best queen over

Right to blaze as satan's wife;

Housed in earth, those million brides shriek out.

Some burn short, some long,

Staked in pride's coven.

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