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Vehicles Analysis

Author: poem of W.S. Merwin Type: poem Views: 0

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This is a place on the way after the distances

     can no longer be kept straight here in this dark corner

of the barn a mound of wheels has convened along

     raveling courses to stop in a single moment

and lie down as still as the chariots of the Pharaohs

     some in pairs that rolled as one over the same roads

to the end and never touched each other until they

     arrived here some that broke by themselves and were left

until they could be repaired some that went only

     to occasions before my time and some that have spun

across other countries through uncounted summers

     now they go all the way back together the tall

cobweb-hung models of galaxies in their rings

     of rust leaning against the stone hail from Rene's

manure cart the year he wanted to store them here

     because there was nobody left who could make them like that

in case he should need them and there are the carriage wheels

     that Merot said would be worth a lot some day

and the rim of the spare from bald Bleret's green Samson

     that rose like Borobudur out of the high grass

behind the old house by the river where he stuffed

     mattresses in the morning sunlight and the hens

scavenged around his shoes in the days when the black

     top-hat sedan still towered outside Sandeau's cow barn

with velvet upholstery and sconces for flowers and room

     for two calves instead of the back seat when their time came


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